Navy – Austin Riddle (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Smooth. That’s the word that springs to mind as the soulful vibes and blissful, R&B-infused pop of Navy shimmers and sashays its way out of the speakers. It seems apt that I write this as the summer seems finally to have arrived as it feels not only like an anthem to the loved-up but also the soundtrack to summer itself. It’s just a pity that we can’t go outside and make the most of its balmy delights. (That’ll have future readers checking the history books.)

Navy is a gorgeous slice of pop, but pop which encompasses some smart inclusions from the aforementioned genres. The beat seems only to be a marker rather than a structural necessity, wandering in and out of the action in unexpected and interesting ways and you realise that it is actually the vocal groove, more than anything, which is providing momentum here. Slick, sunny, soulful and…as I mentioned, smooth. Very smooth indeed.

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