It is hard to believe that it is two years since I last put pen to paper on behalf of Vivian’s music when The Warped Glimmer came out. Pressure Makes Diamonds, the latest album, finds them exploring similar territory, but they do so with such agility and dexterity that this seems anything but more of the same.

The album wanders through dream-pop landscapes across chilled trance-dance clubland floors and sees them play with ambient drifts but also with more structured and confident beat-driven creations. There is also a wonderful soul feel to many songs, such as the title track, thanks to the gorgeous vocals.

Blood Rising proves that they are just as at home with something slightly more intense and eclectic, All On Me is a slice of haunting, semi-lucid pop which wanders into the sort of territory of bands such as Portishead or Dead Can Dance and Stop My Heart draws a line between synth-pop’s past and its future potential.

A glorious album. Did you expect anything less?

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