Over the years Nashville has become a factory for country music, a production line of singers, songwriters and musicians have travelled there hoping that the Nashville magic will rub off on them and sweep them off into country music legend. Tamara Stewart is Australian born and has the sound of a seasoned American country star, she has the female vocal tone that one identifies with the classic country singer but she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve to make her stand apart from the countless other Nashville hopefuls. Trick number one is her song writing ability.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s concept albums were everywhere, you couldn’t move for an album based around a single idea and, as unfashionable as it might sound, her new fifteen-track album has been split up into three parts and works just like a concept piece. Five songs are dedicated to Ruin, Recovery and Rising and the album feels like an evolution of emotions, from being rock bottom, to finding inner strength, to finally coming through it all the better for it.

The songs have titles that could be chapters on the personal road to healing, ‘Broke My Heart’ in Ruin, ‘It’s Time’ in Recovery and ‘The Rising’ in the final part, all point to where Tamara is on this journey. It’s an album to be enjoyed as a whole, from driving with your window down, to sitting quietly and just listening, there is something here for fans of country, fans of cleverly arranged songs and those who are interested to see where the Nashville magic has decided to go next.

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