A few months ago I had the pleasure in listening and reviewing a single by Danish musician Ida Wenoe and it did what any good single should, it made me want to hear more and I was soon signed up for any new offerings from this interesting, haunting singer.

But does the album live up to the atmosphere and promise of the single? Well… yes.

At a mere nine songs long, Wenoe’s album is a journey into the noir, with textures of a velvet sofa it’s elegance shines behind the mischievous vocals that can be playful and insightful but also direct and emotional. With hints of melancholy she manages to bridge a gap between Kate Bush and Damien Rice, expelling every ounce of her storytelling and image building taking you from the deserted silence of a travelling circus to a sea-shanty type song in ‘Varmeland’ where you can almost feel the ice cold salt spray from the North Sea.

‘Another Kind of Love’ is a stand out track but not the only one, it sits beautifully within a tight-knit group of well controlled, thoughtfully arranged songs that manages to stay personal yet should also appeal to a much wider audience.

Great stuff.

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