The Road –  Stephen J. Push (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

1Well, you can’t say that this isn’t a funky piece of work. Bluesy rock and roll, bursting at the seams with infectious grooves, ear-worm riffs, classic rock and roll swagger and a simple message. The message is that the world is an adventure waiting for you to sign up and see where it takes you. And it is more than just a nice idea or an optimistic but empty thought designed to sell a record or two, this comes from personal experience. It’s easy to just brush off such songs as some sort of utopian dream that makes for a good tune but when the artist himself has actually quit his job, sold the house and chased his musical dreams down the road to Music City itself, you can’t question the integrity at its heart.

And if this song is an example of what he is creating in his new life as a Nashville resident then you have to say that it was a gamble worth taking. Pop accessibility, bluesy integrity, old school grit and just enough rock and roll muscle to keep things moving along and The Road is a song that sounds like it is already a classic. If someone told you that this came from an early Aerosmith record or was a staple of The Allman Brothers live shows, well, you wouldn’t question a word of it.

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