Scene and Heard – CCCXLIV : Immature – Celeste Buckingham (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Screenshot_BARE_cover_1.pngCeleste has got guy trouble. It’s the age old story, she’s with a man who in reality is a boy, he doesn’t treat her right, he’d rather be hanging with his friends and she has had enough. What do you do? You can either get mad, get even or get creative and Celeste takes the third option and puts her thoughts and feelings into a cool little slice of R&B infused pop.

This is a song for the modern age, the here and now, the cutting edge of musical fashion. It flirts with pop infectiousness but runs along on sultry dance floor grooves laced through with some glitchy electronic intricacies. It is wonderfully spacious, leaving room for the vocals and the beat to do most of the real work and allowing the other instrumentation to add texture and layers rather than addition riffs, melodies and motifs. In short it is perfect for current musical tastes, a great pop single, one destined to find favour in many musical quarters. The formidable vocal performance is just the icing on the cake.

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