Thunderin’ Down the Road –   Terry Derosier (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

ndcodkagpfoeglojDriving music is no new concept, songs that act as the soundtrack to a road trip, music to seek adventure to, four wheeled party tunes, we are all familiar with how that works. And whilst this great little bluesy-country-rock piece from Terry Derosier falls into that category, its actually a bit more than that. Actually, its a lot more than that. If road songs often come from some questionable sources, normally being the fodder of bands such as Whitesnake or worse, Bon Jovi, Thunderin’ Down the Road is actually a Kerouac to their Stephenie Meyer. Okay, not a great analogy but you can see where I’m going with this.

Derosier fills his song with all the classic hallmarks – brooding grooves, haunted Hammonds, wasted and wistful atmospheres, slow burning builds and subtle breakdowns before driving headlong into sonic storm and unleashing wailing guitars and organ washes, driving beats and the sound of the weather coming in hard. But it isn’t just the music but the lyrics which push this song into much more credible territory. It’s the poeticism and descriptions of the sights flitting past and the street philosophical and autobiographical stance it takes that puts this miles ahead of the usual, fist in the air, cliched heartland rock. It’s almost enough to make you want to pack a bag and head off into the sunset….or in this case the gathering rain clouds.

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