a1191632033_16The Recordists are on a boom or bust trajectory, happy with either total world domination or total destruction, that’s just the way it should be. Bands can spend too long over-thinking their music or doing their growing up behind closed doors when all they should be doing is putting themselves out their, fighting or falling for what they believe in. After all why did we swap the musical gang mentality for NVQ’s in band performance? I didn’t vote for it and I suspect neither did The Recordists.

And before you say that you have heard it all before, of course you have, the punk-grunge-garage rock model isn’t one that requires constant rethinking, just occasional subversion and a succession of torch bearers to keep the flame alive, it is all about the attitude and the sucker-punch delivery rather than a po-faced art attack. The Pageant sees them channelling the dark underbelly of 90’s college rock back through Max’s Kansas City’s 70’s punk and the vibe of Lenny Kaye’s Legendary Nuggets compilation and why not, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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