New Music of The Day – XXXVII : Broken Hip – Echo Boom Generation

10959674_405221096319140_3170334261304849129_nJudging by the size and nature of the CD pile and inbox links that greet me as I sat down at my desk this morning, anyone who reaches for those go to cliches, such as “guitar music has had its day” or “rock music is dead” or the old favourite of “music was better in my day”  is clearly a moron (or a classic rock dinosaur who still thinks that The Foo Fighters are cutting edge.) Having moved on from The Recordists excellent garage rock work out, I was pointed in the direction of another muscular slice of attitude and raucousness. London three-piece Echo Boom Generation take all the things beloved of the aforementioned CRD (I’m sure that is going to become a “thing” now, at least amongst the scribblings of this site) and re-package them for a new, hipper, rock underground. Big riffs, solid grooves and break-neck deliveries abound and yes, you can hear some of the classic moves in there but think of this as the logical conclusion of an evolutionary line that started with the likes of Led Zeppelin and ends somewhere near Royal Blood. But the bottom line is that this video has just about everything that todays rock scene needs. Anyone who doesn’t fall in love with this band immediately will just cause my opinion of todays rock fan to fall even further.

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