The Ocean Between Stars – Star Goes Nova (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Say the phrase classical music and most people will automatically think of the past. But classical music is a genre like any other and so it moves with the times too. Star Goes Nova makes music that could easily be seen as the cutting edge of that genre, especially with this gorgeous creation.

Okay, it blends electronic music through its more expected classical grace, it is full of modern beats and futuristic sonics but the tools of the trade are always evolving, so why not?

The Ocean Between Stars, a title that already sets fantastic scenes and imaginative scenarios in motion, is a gorgeously ornate gathering of sounds past and present, digital and analogue, classical and classic. It flows rather than grooves, it shimmers with beauty as electronic creations rain down through the cinematic washes and sweeps which form its sonic bedrock.

It is an utterly gorgeous piece and whether you consider it classical music or electronica, a combination of both or something else altogether is irrelevant. All I know is that the world is a better place for having this in it.

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