Hazelwood Moon – Star Goes Nova (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Whilst other, perhaps less imaginative, artists are still patting themselves on the back for merging existing genres into new hybrid forms, Star Goes Nova seem to be able to create whole new genres from the ground up. And that is a much more satisfying sonic scenario, certainly for the listener, so I should imagine for the artist too.

Part cinematic soundtracking, part downbeat dubstep, part ambient indie and, in this case, thanks to Fuse’s lead vocals, part timeless crooner balladeering too, Hazelwood Moon is a rich and rewarding affair. Blending the chiming piano and pulsing base that is often the hallmark of Star Goes Nova, to this they add all manner of otherworldly sounds – sweeping strings, groovesome electronica, tasteful and understated riffs, ambient undercurrents and shimmering inclusions.

And to top it off, Hardsix singer Fuse contributes a classic lead line which dances gracefully across the neo-classical vibe of the song, a vocal that sits somewhere between Baroque and a not so hard place.

Gorgeous, adventurous, addictive and forward-thinking…what more could you ask for?

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