After charming us for just over a minute with a delicate wash of shimmering, ambient indie vibes, Neon then pulls the rug away from the listener’s expectations and turns into an upbeat and texturally rich, pop song. And no matter at which end of the song’s sonic journey you find yourself, you are cocooned in music that is gorgeous to behold.

To begin with, it is the drifting grace and Celtic lilt of Lori Sky‘s soft and seductive vocals which captivate the ear, the chiming guitars which sparkle behind her and the space and grace of the sonic backdrop. Then as the beat drops in and the pace picks up, it is the melody and immediacy which entrance you.

Like so much music being released at the moment, this collaboration between the Irish-Scottish singer and the Genoese band was the result of lockdown file sharing but also became a way for Lori Sky to release grief after the recent loss of her mother.

Gorgeous music, poignant sentiment…a very potent combination indeed.

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