There is something wonderfully beguiling about the gentle twists and turns, the changes of pace and musical re-directions that The Gravity of The Goddess goes through on its way to its final musical destination. It slow burns its way up from a direct vocal and a simple piano line, slowly coiling around itself strands of bluesy guitar before switching the direction slightly and then turning into a wonderfully ambient, lullaby-like section.

And then as it enters the second half of the song, all manner of avant-gardery and psychedelia, late-era Beatles sonic experimentation and musical adventure drives it towards the finishing line. Odd but effective. The various changes that it runs through are not so different from each other as to alienate what has gone before but Christopher Hill and The Stardust Crush do certainly keep you on your toes.

There are rules to music and most of them need to be broken from time to time, or at least bent into interesting new interpretations. What you experience here is the work of someone who knows which rules to bend and just how far you can push them and the results are glorious.

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