If jazz music is often seen as complex and hard to access, then maybe the place to start is with music such as that found on Real Stormin Norman‘s Euphoria. Why? Because it exists at a point where jazz music meets Latin vibes and then the sound produced of that heady fusion is sent out into the world with a very accessible pop-friendly vibe to drive it on its way.

The result is music that is groovesome and addictive, confident and collected, deft and delicious. And again, if jazz is known for being a bit inward-looking, self-absorbed, musicians’ music, if you like, then nothing could be further from the truth in the case of this 6 track EP. This is music that still aims for the head but is more concerned with hitting the heart, perhaps even the very soul. And the feet…try to listen to the galloping grooves of Queen of The Rosebuds or the shuffling rhythms of Fly Away or the breezy brass of Spring In New Orleans and not burst out into a dance move or a bit of a boogie.

And then there is Butterflies, the stand out track of the album if you ask me, and if you are reading this you kinda did! A lilting and gentle song that sashays between twinkling pianos and beautiful brass topped off with the ever-present serenity of Genevieve Faivre’s gorgeous vocals.

Euphoria! is perfectly titled but it could have just as easily have been called, Groove! or Boogie! or Sass! or Pazazz! It is full of life and warmth, love and honesty, it is brimming with optimism, hope and the joy that comes from making music for all the right reasons.

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