Territoires – Le Vent Du Nord (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Throughout history humans have a had within them the spirit of adventure, to seek out new lands and to find new places to live and prosper, and, often when new settlers arrive, they bring with them remnants of their homeland. This could be culture, religion, books or, in lots of examples, music.

Music travels wherever humans have travelled and sometimes this influence stays, today you’re likely to find a Celtic band in India, a reggae band in Russia and an opera singer in Brazil. Music seems to break down borders and find a home wherever it is appreciated, but years ago, music went where the ships would find safe harbour.

It’s no surprise that the Eastern coast of Canada is home to a combination of French and Celtic music that when blended together bring to mind the songs of sailors and the life on the oceans. It’s not all sea shanty’s and the eternal search for dry land, within the thirteen songs on Le Vent Du Nord’s tenth album, you’ll find songs to dance to, songs to inspire you and songs that will have you smelling the salty air before the track has ended.

The six piece does a magical job of taking the listener back in time and slowly picking apart the genre that would eventually give inspiration to folk, blues and country music, but there are also moments when the music is contemporary and has a groove that lifts the album into a wider appeal.

This is music of the people from a forgotten time when working together meant the difference between life and death, success and failure. It won’t appeal to everyone, slick production and over-engineered music is the order of the day for most but for something different to dip into, you can do much worse than give this album a listen.






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