If a more life-affirming, celebration of the self has passed this way in recent years, I must have missed it. Not only is B Freed‘s latest release a real reminder that we need to love ourselves, do what makes us happy, live the life we chose, aspire to be the best version of us that we can be, it is a message delivered wrapped up in one hell of an infectious tune.

It’s all very well for these introspective troubadours that seem to be all the rage these days to wax lyrical about looking inside yourself and being true to your own heart, but most of them are making music in their gap year, working on their first stubble and living on dad’s credit card. What do they know? But you can forget them…for this is the real deal. It delivers its message in short snappy soundbites, makes the point simply and effectively without reaching for the thesaurus to sound clever and then bolts that poignant and perfect message on to a shuffling, funky early rock ‘n’ roll groove that seems to pass through everything from 50’s rockabilly, 60’s soul, 70’s funk right up to more contemporary dance fusions.

Using the same simple language as Mr F employs here, this is a song that just gets the job done, simply and effectively. If you find yourself dancing the night away in the mean time then, that’s an added bonus. Love yourself, love life and love this song…and maybe not even in that order!

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