The term “Supergroup” might seem slightly out of step with modern times but I can think of no better description for Michael Ciravolo’s Beauty in Chaos. Even if you ignore his own entry into the annals of rock history both as guitarist for Human Drama as well as  Michael Aston’s longstanding Gene Loves Jezebel wingman, his songs are a veritable roll call of the great and the good…sometimes the great and decidedly naughty…of modern rock and roll.

Amongst the thumping beats of this brooding electro-pop-rock crossover you will find not just Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander taking lead vocal duties but a backing vocal collective that includes Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Ashton Nyte (The Awakening) and Marc Danzeisen (Riverdogs.) Anyone who has those sort of friends and collaborators to call on has certainly done something remarkable to win favour with the music community at large.

But enough of the name-dropping, even without such luminaries involved Beauty in Chaos have delivered a great track. A remix of one of the bonus tracks from the forthcoming Beauty Re-Envisioned, Drifting Away is a wonderful blend of anthemic rock and roll, synth-washed electro-pop and slightly gothic tones. The perfect collision of worlds. Pops infectiousness skidding into rock’s anthemic energy, goth’s stark otherworldliness messing about with New Romantic’s glamorous make up box, the past with present, dark with light, the then with the now, the now with the what if? Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

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