Temescal Telegraph – The Corner Laughers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I get so used to listening to British bands enamoured by the glamour of American music, of ex-punks donning plaid shirts in search of a British Americana sound, whatever that might be, of pop pixies adopting the music and mannerisms of past stateside soul divas, of blues players digging for sonic pearls in the mud... Continue Reading →


New Music of The Day – XX: Fairytale Tourist – The Corner Laughers

The Corner Laughers release their new surf-pop single, “Fairytale Tourist,” from the upcoming album, Matilda Effect, due out June 12. The track’s carefree sunshine-pop melody and whimsical imagery is the ideal soundtrack to summer.   “Fairytale Tourist” takes its story to heart – weaving imaginative lyrics and infectious instrumentation into a breezy, effortless pop ride.... Continue Reading →

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