Gold Medal Position: Night of The Hunter – The Creature With The Atom Brain.

1503420_10155323056410647_9107706188574548136_n “Rooted in hypnotic psychedelic grooves that speak to the heart rather than the head, this platform is used as a base from which to assault the senses with weapons as diverse as clattering eastern vibes, skewed Latin guitars, dark disco-dirges, psychedelic wig-outs and anything else that passes across their eclectic vision. It seems the perfect way to put the decade long project to bed, with their most consistent album to date, or at least one that sums up most concisely the collision of ideas that could all too often confused the listener.”

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Silver Medal Position: Pandemonium – Moors and McCumber.

10526068_815998821757420_2611027124562375576_n“Although it is easy to see how Moors and McCumber construct their songs, just because they are using the same musical tools, as their competition doesn’t mean that they bear much resemblance. On the surface perhaps but there is a depth and quality to the craftsmanship here that is rarely seen and even labels as great as “the new Simon and Garfunkel” still don’t quite capture what is at work here, though My Heart is Open is a song Paul Simon would have loved to have his name on I’m sure.”

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Bronze Medal Position : Matilda Effect – The Corner Laughers.

matilda-effect-300x300“Their brand of Sunshine pop is just what the world needs to remind us of the joy of making music rather than the cynical careerism that seems to be the norm these days. By taking liberal doses of 60’s girl bands, soul, folk and acid-tinged pop, the infectiousness of The Beach Boys, the retro psychedelia of Redd Kross or Jellyfish, plus no small amount of fun, optimism and joyful abandonment, they have quite possibly created the perfect pop album. Let me repeat that, THE PERFECT POP ALBUM!”

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