11070241_10155341698370037_1243076379944745447_nThe Corner Laughers release their new surf-pop single, “Fairytale Tourist,” from the upcoming album, Matilda Effect, due out June 12. The track’s carefree sunshine-pop melody and whimsical imagery is the ideal soundtrack to summer.

“Fairytale Tourist” takes its story to heart – weaving imaginative lyrics and infectious instrumentation into a breezy, effortless pop ride. Karla Kane’s dreamy musings teleport us to a land where anything and everything is possible. The lyrics “Let’s go out all dressed up fancy, make believe and take a chance on city lights. Wander off into the forest like some Grimm’s Fairytale tourist…” express the track’s bright and wistful nature. Jangly ukulele, chorus “bops” in harmony and blissful vocal delivery send the listener on a journey into youthful abandon.

The Corner Laughers have effectively staked their brand of smart sunshine pop without lyrical limitation. Paired with  this charming video, “Fairytale Tourist” encourages taking a risk, dreaming without worry, and embracing the spirit of summer adventure.



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