the-birdman-ralliesThe Harrogate soundscapers continue their graceful journey into the realm of chilled, pre-dawn pop on this, their second single, from the Real River album. The beats, bass and bubbling electronica roll gently forward as a main unobtrusive yet imploring main riff of sweeping string sounds ebbs and flows over the top and to be honest musically there is not a lot more to say technically. A real advocate of a minimalist less is more approach and all the better for it.


Too many bands feel the need to throw every trick and gimmick into every song, especially in the pop world, which this song at least meanders along the outskirts of. Not for them the ridiculous over-egging, over-egoisms of enforced cleverness and unnecessary frippery which seems to be the modern tools employed to distract from the fact that there isn’t really a song there in the first place. No, theirs is an assured approach, but built of textures and layers that complement each other and leave enough room for each to breath, rather than compete with and obscure each other.

Maybe a gradual erosion of the current pop template by songs and bands such as this encroaching on its territory will eventually change the landscape, reshape it for the better. If not at least they offer you with an alternative space to explore and escape from the banality and unsubtle commercialism of the mainstream. Whichever the outcome, for me it’s a win win situation.

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