Okay, it isn’t that Sweet Child of Mine, no one needs to hear a new version of that. Rev. Peter Unger‘s songs often come from a spiritual place, an extension of his ministry, his faith, his outlook on life and what better place to look for meaning than in the next generations. And so his latest song is both a handing over of the torch of faith and a joint celebration across the ages of his own family.

As always, it takes the form of a gentle ballad, spacious and sparing guitar work forming a gentle platform for the voices to broadcast their message. Picked guitar notes chiming out above the rhythmic chords, a coming together of voices and a message of faith, hope and unity.

Rev. Peter Unger‘s songs remind us that not every piece of music has to seek a commercial outlet or look for fame and celebrity. Sometimes it is enough to simply gather the family around you, join in harmony and give thanks for what you have and what the future holds. This is one of those times.

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