Well, that was unexpected. My own fault, books and covers and all that but with a name like Andronyx I was expecting something a bit more, I don’t know…dancey, urban, electronic? But Arkansas is not that, not by a long shot. It’s a gentle acoustic ballad, restrained and deftly compiled, framed only by some minimal beats and a few additional layers of guitar, not quite folk, not quite pop, but perhaps the perfect hybrid of both.

It follows in the traditions of 60’s coffee shop troubadours, folk revivalists and contemporary, indie-pop artists. It ticks boxes in both authentic traditions and modern forward-thinking, it is about then but also now, it is sparing and spacious, engaging and accessible.

That’s a lot to fit in considering how minimal the song is. I guess it goes to prove, not only that less is more but so much less can be so much more, if you know what I mean.

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