You Are Not Alone –  Rev. Peter Unger (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

two.jpgRev. Peter Unger makes music which crosses a lot of borders, metaphorically speaking. Musically it sits in a wonderful singer-songwriter vibe, honest and clean-limbed sounding as if it could have been written any time between the mid sixties and the present day. But it is music which is about more than mere coffee shop troubadour antics or acoustic balladry, though it ticks those boxes with ease. As you may expect from Peter’s titular prefix he has something to say bigger than mere tunesmithing, and You Are Not Alone feels like a parable, a series of scenarios regarding the lost and lonely looking for help and friendship.

And as I always say about Peter’s music, the song doesn’t just appeal to those of a certain faith or indeed of any faith, the messages are so universal, so relatable that whether the helping hand in question is from a higher power or just a concerned friend, the message of friendship and love is what matters. Yes, this comes from a faith based place, considering the writers background but it is also very much about the human condition and who amongst us can say that they have never needed a hand up from time to time. This song could be merely a reminder that life is a team effort or it could be about something bigger than human understanding, it just depends on where you stand on such things. But no matter which end of the spectrum you find yourself at, it still has something important to say.

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