Sweeps – The Persian Leaps (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Often songs are written specifically around an idea or theme that the writer wishes to explore but does so knowing that it is natural for the listener to find their own meanings and relevance in the song. With Sweeps, even writer Drew Forsberg admits that “The exact subject of the song is open for interpretation. I wasn’t thinking about a romantic relationship when writing this song, although you could certainly interpret it that way”  But isn’t that the joy of music? Songs are all about communication even if sometimes that communication isn’t in the hands of either the broadcaster or the receiver. It’s a more subtle dialogue, a sharing of ideas, even if neither party can quite agree on what those ideas might be. Art for art’s sake, dialogue for god’s sake!

What isn’t in doubt though is Drew‘s ability to write truly engaging songs, songs that chime and shimmer in an alt-pop haze but which are built around brilliant melodics, great dynamic and no small amount of indie sheen meets rock grunt. And that is what is going on here.

As ever, The Persian Leaps is all about music that steals from the big three, a blend of pop melody and infectiousness, indie cool and dynamic, and just enough rock swagger and attitude to drive it home with confidence. Drew is an expert at finding that sweet spot between the genres and Sweeps is another fantastic example of his deft sonic juggling prowess.

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