On their way to their next full-album release, The Persian Leaps have dropped this gorgeous track like enticing sonic breadcrumbs through the dark and dangerous forest of modern music. Hang on, that trail delivered two innocents into the hands of a malevolent witch…maybe that wasn’t quite the best analogy.

Anyway, When This Gets Out is a top tune. Inspired by the antics of the recently departed US President, it is ironic that a song driven by the theme of “When this gets out, the shit will hit the fans,” has resulted in something sonically astute, melodic, powerful, poignant, and groovy as hell hitting their fans.

It runs on a raucous, raw-edged, staccato guitar riff, simple and addictive as hell, piano bashes away behind it, beats are straight to the point and effective and the whole is swathed in the sonic icing on the musical cake that is The Persian Leaps hazy harmonies.

Found as the opening salvo of the album to follow, Drone Etiquette, this six-track offering that was written by head Leaper, Drew Forsberg, as a solo album, due to the restrictions of the lockdowns that we were all living through but is nothing if not a perfect display of the bands signature sound, its jangling, power-pop charm and Drew’s ability to write songs for which the term “earworm” was invented.

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