Strange title. Strange music. But strange is good, right? Who needs conformity and predictability, who needs music that visits past glories, that gives us slightly reworked takes on tried and tested sounds? Not I. And not Pas Musique, thankfully.

It’s safe to say that Pas Musique makes music that isn’t going to be to everyone’s tastes, but then again we live in a world where Nicki Minaj is famous, Ed Sheeran is rich (and famous) and people watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End more than once. What sort of world is that I ask you? You can’t trust mainstream tastes, that’s all I’m saying. And if you haven’t been put off by anything I have said above, Pas Musique might just be for you.

Don Cheadle Superhero is a warped and wonderful, squelchy and beguiling affair. It runs on a hypnotic, motorik groove, although groove might not be quite the right word for such a sustained and solid beat, it is experimental to the point of avant-garde and it is un-second-guess-able.

It might exist in that space where song and melody start turning into adventurous sonic art in the truest sense, where the very concept of the song is taken apart and reassembled into something else. Perhaps it is an anagram of music, now there’s an interesting concept and concepts, rather than traditional tunes, is very much the area we are in here.

Anyway, musically it doesn’t have many parallels, certainly not recent ones, but certainly acts like Neu! and Faust might be a worthwhile reference. Pas Musique sounds like Pas Musique, so if you liked the previous release, Ancient Scottish Legend, you’ll love this. Not least because it is three seconds longer!

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