Suit of Hearts – Katy Vernon (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

When an artist is described as a “ukulele Songbird” you may immediately think the music you are about to hear will be a laid-back collection of songs more suited to the idyllic islands of Hawaii rather than the British spring but if nothing else UK born singer songwriter Katy Vernon repeatably surprises.

In her latest release Vernon’s songs are underpinned by lovely musical moments from the marching band anthemic feel of ‘Suit of hearts’ through to the joyous piano and trumpet solos on ‘In Your Shoes’ and the unashamedly upbeat ‘Pink Cloud’ you know you’re in safe hands. It’s the soundtrack to your summer party with an ironic wink within the lyrics and enough snap in the melodies to ensure repeat listens, it’s a kick in the pants to songs about break ups and long-lost love affairs.

There is even room for an Abba vibe on ‘Latest Disaster’ that feels like it should be an entry into the Eurovision Song Contest, showing that Americana and folk can easily bend and blur into other styles and genres.

She’s been making a name for herself as one of the busiest musicians in her home state of Minnesota and it’s easy to see why, with her new release she should be in demand more than ever.

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