Lift It Up – Woven Green (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hot on the heels of Breaking Free, Lift It Up arrives in the review pile,  another slice of genre-hopping roots from the same album, In Bloom. As before Woven Green manage to follow a musical path that takes in an expansive roots sound, not just expansive sonically but in that it seems to garner and gather ideas and inspirations from across genre, geography and generation. Global roots music is perhaps a worthy description, if one is needed, being a broad enough term to act as an umbrella for their blend of European folk-rock, green infused grandeur, soaring shamanic pop and stateside honesty. And there is also a shifting chronology at work here too with Woven Green as reminiscent of a 70’s folk-rock revival sound as they are a modern, forward thinking act operating in the here and now.

But that is all just detail. What we are actually dealing with is a gorgeously textured collision of rock’s drama and folk music’s deft and dexterous nature, of pop’s infectiousness and accessible melodies, and a wonderfully spiritual narrative and joyous sonic heartbeat.

Sometimes not knowing where music fits in to the historical canon or what it considers its cultural or generic home is a refreshing and freeing experience. Why be a side note forced into the margin of the existing musical record when you can start writing a whole new chapter for yourself?

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