There is a saying that a goal without a plan is nothing more than a dream and thousands of us everyday wake up and want things to happen. To be taller, thinner, more successful, more popular, more talented or countless other things but unless you first draw out a plan of how to reach this goal, you may as well be waiting for the fairies to intervene.

Richie Ros was a physiotherapist up until 2010 when finally, he decided to set himself a new path – one that lots of us have aimed for – to become a musician. There are many things that will ultimately decide whether this journey is a success, you need luck, skill, talent, musicianship, ability and a vital ingredient; good songs.

Does Richie Ros have good songs?

Well, yes actually.

Within the eleven songs that make up his debut album, there are a few hidden gems, sometimes these songs can be guilty of being slightly overlong, a little pruning here and there would work wonders for the flow of the album but his songs, along with some nice production work from David Odlum, is as good as anything you’ll hear this year from a male artist, including those working higher up the pay scale.

Throughout the next seven months Ros will be playing one hundred plus shows through Europe and it’s clear as well as having the ability to find places to play (often to non-English speaking audiences) he’s a musician with a solid plan in his mind.

At its heart the music is one man and a guitar – a perfect arrangement for touring light – but add to that a depth and richness served up with strings and the odd smattering of trumpet, and you’ve got an artist bound for bigger things.

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