Couldn’t have put it better myself. So many artist are putting their lockdown experiences into song but none have yet captured the mixed emotions and the sense of confusion that runs through Stacy Gabel’s latest track. Whilst its message is extremely serious, dealing as it does with the idea of isolation and anxiety, stress and solitude, it does so in a fairly light, and in the case of the accompanying video, lighthearted way.

Acoustic pop it maybe but it both packs a punch and gets to the heart of the matter. We are all in this together, the solutions are largely out of our hands so all we can do is be kind to each other, be tolerant of each others different needs, try to understand those around us. In short, it’s about taking a walk in another persons shoes…provided you disinfect them thoroughly first and perhaps burn them afterwards for good measure.

Joking aside, so many people are trying to beat us over the head with facts and figures, so many artists, musicians included, are producing work which seems to lower the spirits rather than raise them. What Stacy Gabel does is talk to us in a normal, everyday way and most importantly allows us to laugh about things by recognizing ourselves in her song. We are all in this together and it helps to have friends like these.

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