You know that you are doing something right when you have everyone from Sepultura’s Iggor Cavalera and Jamacian dub icon Scientist lining up to remix your songs. And that is the position that eclectic Chilean outfit Como Asesinar A Felipes…CAF for short…find themselves in. Known for blending all manner of genres from hip-hop to rock to jazz to classical, this first single, from the forth-coming MMXX album, is a mercurial sonic beast.

Dar and brooding, it is built from depth-charge bass pulses, glitchy electronica, searing synth riffs and confident, punchy vocals which wouldn’t seem out of place on a RATM track. It’s a unique sonic painting composed of saturated, technicolour musical brush stokes drawn across a shadowy, psychedelic-metal canvas encapsulating the echoes of a post-Pinochete Chile.

The Iggor Cavalera remix puts more spring into the step of the song, raising the lyrics into the light point whilst adding more immediate energy to the song, Scientist’s take on it turning it into a deeper, more hellish vision, most apt given the title translates as We Have Returned From The Abyss. 

The contemporary music scene seems to have long had a north-Atlantic focus but the world is becoming an ever smaller place, musically speaking, time to start exploring the east, the south and all points in between. Do that and you will be rewarded with unexpected gems. Gems like Hemos Vuelto del Abismo and CAF.

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