Bleed – Taouil (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Well, I wasn’t quite prepared for that. Last time out Taouil delivered a lovely modern, funky pop number, one which was also that rarest of things in the modern age, a song about everything going right in a relationship. And image-wise he always seems such a refined and mainstream sort of guy. So when Bleed came roaring out of the speakers I had to go back and check that this was actually the same artist. Rest assured, it is.

Here, he cuts loose and delivers a synth-enhanced slice of modern rock and roll. It has all of the hallmarks of the genre, it grooves, it rocks, it roars, it rages but the song-crafting here is clever enough that it also throws in some clever pop tricks, neat dynamic changes, and smart and infectious hooks. All of which means that it has the weight and authenticity of a rock song but it gets under your skin and into your ears like only a pop number can.

Why limit yourself to either a pop or a rock audience when you can appeal to both simultaneously? 

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