Last Night – Taouil (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

So many songs these days seem to be about relationships going off the rails, about people separating, being unfaithful, disrespectful or just wrong for each other right from the start, it is so refreshing to finally stumble across a song which is about things going right for once. I understand that in song, not to mention film and book, there is a lot more currency to be had from exploring the downs especially when you use that to create the dynamic which makes exploring the ups so much sweeter, but Last Night reminds us that sometimes, things work out, right from day one, so let’s celebrate that.

It’s a funky, pop number, with the perfect amount of energy and drive to deliver such a positive message, it struts and swaggers with the confidence of the newly loved, it crackles with euphoria and wonderfully reinforces the idea that, despite what the media might lead you to believe, sometimes, perhaps more often than you might think, things do work out okay.

Who would have thought that you could find such an honest, straight-forward and generally life, not to mention love, affirming message in modern music? Not I.

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