Fallacy – Black Note Graffiti (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Falling somewhere between hard rock’s foot on the monitor, biker boot grunt and a more melodic, occasionally more intricate metal sound, Fallacy is built on a choppy, staccato delivery which builds tension through its industrial groove, before finally unleashing its pent up energy in the form of a thunderous chorus. It leans as much to a classic rock past as it does to alt-rock’s future potential, neither remaining in the comfort zones too long nor wandering too far off the beaten track, instead acknowledging the familiar sounds of the rock genre and just putting them together in new and interesting ways.

Not everything has to head off into the sunset or try to explore pastures new, nor does it have to dwell in the realms of the tried and tested, sometimes it is about wandering just far enough ahead of the pack so that the established audience can keep you in their sights but neither do they feel as if they have heard it all before. And that is what Black Note Graffiti do so well here. Fallacy sounds like you have been listening to it for ever, right from the first play. Isn’t that the definition of a classic?

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