Acoustic guitar-wielding singer-songwriters might be two-a-penny these days, but Stacy Gabel is, thankfully, worlds away from the usual gap-year troubadour in a wide-brimmed hat, waxing lyrical and brooding away in a hipster coffee shop, that seems to be the norm.

Stacy Gabel may appear to be a folky or at least a purveyor of acoustica but make no mistake, this is pop, and pop at its most accessible and adventurous. One listen to songs such as High Heeled Shoes and particularly the title track of this EP, Straight To Voicemail, and you realise that pop by any other name does smell so sweet…to quote that popular Midlands scribbler of yore.

There are some leanings into other genres; Sunny Days is gently funky, Stir Crazy borders on the epic and almost rockist, but it is the title track with its soulful, staccato licks, the lyrics which are delivered with a wink to the audience and its effortless and infectious groove which is the star of the show.

That said, it may be the star of the show, but this is a show with plenty of memorable supporting players.

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