The Chesterwhite story is one of finding lost things. Specifically, a set of demos from fifteen years prior being unearthed during the Lockdown and finally seeing the light of day to become the band’s unexpected 2022 release, St Davids. And, although they represented a time and a place that Donny Dykowsky had long moved on from, they seemed to chime eerily with the mood and mindset of the era into which they now publically emerged.

Divine Comedy which kicks things off, is an acoustic-indie tune quickly consumed by something much more in the realms of alternative rock. But it is the mood as much as the melody which dominates here. There is something earnest and heartfelt, slightly broken at the core, and, as imaginative and adventurous as the song is, the voice which sets that tone seems to remain the focal point.

Heroine is similarly dramatic, epic even, but in an understated way…if that isn’t indeed an oxymoron, and Sweet Young Lunatics rounds things off in a more raucous and college-rock vibed sort of way, part Zeppelin without the showboating, part Bowie rocking out his Berlin era vibe.

And with Donny Dykowsky and some of the Chesterwhite alumni now engaged in a new project, Mirrors on the Moon, the story is set to continue…

Stream St Davids HERE


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