Imagine if hip-hop music had been birthed not in the late seventies South Bronx but halfway up a mountain in Northern India three thousand years earlier. Or, if urban music had been born in the emerging cities of the Indus Valley Culture and people had invented keyboards and samplers powered by the energy of the stars or the will of the demigods.

If you can imagine that, you will know at least a bit about what Sol Asar sounds like. Psilocybin is a skittering, slow jam that incorporates all of those qualities whilst he and his sonic priests give their spiritual sermons over the top.

It is half modern technology, half primal wisdom, half time machine and half a rejection of the logic of mathematics. I’m sure there is a secret message hidden within, and the track is so addictive that it begs you to keep listening until you have found it or used it to open a portal to the past, reached enlightenment, or founded your cult. I’m sure that it doesn’t matter; the point is to stop and think about the world around you and not take it at face value.

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