SOS1-288x257Songs of Separation is a collaborative project, which takes the theme of separation and explores its many meanings through song. Taking ten of the most prominent female folk artists from England and Scotland, this 12-song collection is a wonderful collection of traditionalist music. This album comes ahead of a planned tour to culminate at the world famous Celtic Connections festival in January 2016 and was recorded in the idyllic setting of The Island of Eigg in the Inner Hebrides.


The separation it explores may be linguistic, musical, cultural and social but obviously given the embedded traditions at work here and the recording location being very much in the celtic fringe, the idea of Scottish separation is also on the menu. But this is not an overtly political album and raises its issues as much through its feeling, its unspoken subtexts and its mere existence and seeks only to pose questions in the gentlest and most intangible and indirect way rather than provide answers.


In an ever shifting culture, a world ever on the change and one doing so at an ever faster rate, this album is the perfect counterpoint of traditional sounds and adapting to an unwritten future and proves that as much as things change, some can still stay the same. It’s a musical Trojan horse, a familiar package but one that may contain keys to the future, a future that we are all going to have to deal with in our own way.

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