41b82178-89be-4d3f-9f46-2e0230b9b40eThere is something so outside the box about Hayley Cannon’s music. It refuses to dance to the beat of musical trends, it ignores fashion and like her easiest comparison, Kate Bush, seems to exist in its own musical time and genre. Indeed the question of Who Are You? raised by this song is quite a succinct one, seemingly coming out of no where and making music that seems to have little precedent yet is totally accessible, music that would seem unconnected with modern requirements in what ever era it appeared in, yet once heard intrigues the listener to want more.

It is a song built on stolen fragments, sounds left echoing around after a  classical recital, a roots revival recording session and choral practice all being pulled together into a slow burning atmospheric build, gaining momentum and eventually crashing headlong across a dream-folk finishing line.

If the brief of this site is to ignore the obvious, mainstream trends, to champion the off beat and the under the radar artists, the ones making challenging and intriguing music then it seems we have a new flag to wave.


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