Someone Else – Senses Reeling (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This might be a nice little taster of the first album from Senses Reeling but you can immediately tell that this is music and songwriting that is backed up by a wealth of experience. And a quick glance reveals 4 previous e.p.s and guests ranging from the “songwriters songwriter” Tom Willians to Blue Aeroplanes’ Mike Youé joining the musical fray. Rare company indeed. The fact that when the video finished playing, YouTube in its infinite and algorithmic wisdom followed it by offering up Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting was something that I also took as a good omen!

And if I though that all these auguries and portents would indicate that a good song was on the horizon, I was wrong. Wrong only in scale, it’s not a good song at all…it’s a great song! Remember when pop had a purpose? Remember a time before the genre had reached its lowest common denominator depths? Well, yes…that.

Someone Else is a deft and spacious song that feels as if it deserves a better generic title than merely pop, but as I hinted at, that is pop’s failing. Like most of the best things in life, it is the simplicity that provides the elegance, an understatement built of simple structures and sleek lines with just the briefest of additional motifs and sonic designs, melodic percussion and zippy string breaks but by and large it succeeds because instead of trying to appear clever it is just happy to know that it is more than a bit smart.

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