I love it when I find a band that understands that songs are not set in stone, that they can be recorded for posterity but that this is just one small part of a bigger story. That a song is never truly finished and is there to be reinterpreted, re-invented, rerecorded whenever the moment feels right. That songs have more than one life to live.

And that is evident when a band chooses to take one of their songs, one that runs on a respectable and addictive indie-pop structure, dismantle it, move things around and build it back up into the slow and sultry dub groove. And that is exactly what Senses Reeling has done here.

And so Our Own Prey becomes Prey, cool and calculated, swaying and swagger through the dub heartland, a new lease of life given and a new chapter in the song’s history written. Basses pulse, beats cascade, echo and resonate and the lyrics remind us that sometimes it is ourselves, our hesitancy and procrastination, our fear of failure or of what others might think, that can be our biggest obstacles in life.

If a good song can stand up to changes and evolution, Prey is an example of what you can do if you have a great song.

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