Easy Baby – Sanya N’kanta (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If the family tree of contemporary music is one where blues begat rock and roll, where soul and funk are first cousins and dance music is the strange nephew lost in his own world, then this single is a long-overdue family reunion. Okay, Easy Baby certainly runs on a heavy rock groove, but it is all those other sonic mannerisms and musical traits which run through the sonic family which are, not just allowed to surface but are celebrated which make this stand apart from most of the music which shares the rock label.

The bass and beat marry rock rhythms with funky fun, it has a wonderful dynamic running the gamut from rock and roll crescendos to bluesy lulls, it is soaked in a heavy soul vibe and yet is infections and glowing with pop sensibilities. Yet all the time it is exploring and infusing, mixing and matching these sounds and styles all that you can hear in the back of your brain is “dance, dance, dance,” and the next thing you know you are on the dance floor cutting a rug, wigging out or throwing some crazy shapes…or whatever it is that the kids are calling it these days.

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