Shoot – Xaeproducedit (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Shoot’s screeching, scatted opening vocal sounds are an early indication that this is a song which is going to head somewhere unexpected and indeed it does. This is music of the streets, and not just any streets, the ones where people are armed and willing to defend their cause, where respect is everything and life is cheap. And whilst that has always been a common theme in rap music, this sounds less like musicians talking about walking such dangerous lines and more about people who already walk those lines turning their experiences into music.

Xaeproducedit has gathered his crew, Johnny Dripp Cho Cho & Musa 40, around him to bring the track to life and together they deliver a staccato, gang rap, one that drips with real danger and spoken in the language of the real world. No holds are barred, either in the lyrical content or the attitude with which it is delivered. It’s all about the edge.

It’s all very well trying to act the part but authenticity is a hard thing to fake. Here though-one is trying to be something that they are not or adopting a fake musical persona, this feels like the real deal. 

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