I Just Want to See the Sun Again – Kyle Oashu (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hip-hop has always been music with a conscience, a genre with a heart and Kyle Oashu’s music is no exception. His latest album release is an interesting mix of sounds, taking the traditional building block beats of the genre, slowing them down and driving more soulful electronica and synth washes through the gaps. With this as a musical vehicle he  raps and sings about better days, about the light at the end of the tunnel, about self-improvement.

Glasswinds is built on a gorgeously calming groove and shimmering piano, Erased pushes his music into slow-grooving R&B territory and Pretty Little Monster employs some cool flamenco hand-clapped energy to balance it’s wonderfully odd and unexpected interludes.

It’s hip-hop for sure but it is certainly pushing boundaries. Pop, R&B, soul and a few genres of his own making, all help drive the music into new musical territory and like all smart contemporary music-makers, this album is less about trying to find new sonic building blocks to work with and more about doing new things with the ones which are already available.

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