What Do You Do – Karma’s Tea (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

When you have a group of musicians whose telephone numbers can be found on the speed dials of everyone from Chick Corea to Mariah Carey, Sade to Bonnie Tyler, you know that whatever they turn their hands to, the results are probably going to be a bit special. And indeed, What Do You Do proves this to be the case.

Although the vocal point is the focal point, the wonderfully named Mystina providing the most seductive and soulful top-line, what is going on behind her shouldn’t be taken for granted either. Like all great soul outfits, the musicians don’t crowd the song, leaving space and complementing each others playing perfectly understanding that if the song stands out, then they are all winners. Basslines effortlessly groove, guitars flick and strut, drums provide a solid and song-serving structure, brass attacks and stabs, saxophones slink and weave, and the whole thing swaggers with cool, calculated confidence. 

What else did you expect from such a collection of seasoned stalwarts?

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