LightBody Sound – LightBody Sound (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

When a down-on-her-luck opera singer, drowning her sorrows in a South Texas ex-brothel meets a mysterious, sophisticated yet ill-behaved troubadour there is only one logical outcome. They get married, raise a family and make sweet music together. It sounds like something out of a cliched black and white movie but this is, apparently, the LightBody Sound backstory. True or not, it sets a great scene.

And if the backstory is intriguing, it isn’t a patch on the music which has come out of this unexpected and unusual union. Mixing groovesome synth wave, perky, smart-disco beats, dreamy art-pop and folktronic intrigue, together they have produced an album which is as unexpected as it is glorious.

If labels were needed it would fall into the category of pop music, but it is the exception which proves the rule. Why?  Well, because it exhibits all of the things that you associate with the genre, addictive qualities, infectious sounds, danceability, euphoric, upbeat attitudes and a sultry swagger, but without sounding like any pop band you have ever heard before.

Is this the start of a whole new pop tsunami? I doubt if LightBody Sound really care. Not for them being part of a movement or chasing mainstream acceptance, but they do set some interesting and heightened benchmarks. So who wants the challenge? Go on, I dare you.


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