Scene and Heard – CCCLXXXVI :  Rerun  – Michael McQuaid (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

artworks-000369561939-7hv499-t500x500The word that jumps out at you when you listen to, and indeed watch the video for, Rerun, is sultry. The best impact doesn’t always come from the use of fast beats or throwing too many musical tricks and gimmicks into the mix. As Rerun shows that space and atmosphere can do just as good a job, if not better.

It has a swaggering R&B groove, dark, an infectious pop addictiveness and a late night vibe that is more about gentle interlocking sonic layers than drive and overplay. It saunters along revelling in the space between the beats and the drawing of breath between the lyrics and as it does so it underlines that old cliche of less being more.

By and large it is not a song to concentrate on, it is a song to have wash over you, less a song built of the usual musical brushstrokes but the musical equivalent of watching shifting hues within the same colour range and for all its strange slow burning dynamic, its beguiling and slow passing, Rerun is built from intrigue, patience and grace, ingredients to be absorbed by osmosis rather than to be understood or examined.

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