Chicken –  Jamit (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

jamitAs my “go to guy” for all things experimental dance coming out of the Far East, it’s always great when a new track by Jamit drops into the review pile. Not because past tracks have proven to conform to any style which is well within my comfort zones, but actually it is the opposite that I find intriguing about this thoughtful composer. Unpredictability is the name of the game and that is what is truly exciting.

Dance music, for all its good intentions, very easily gives up the search for cutting edge escapes and new paths to explore and most of the music that falls into such that genre can be as predictable as formulaic pop or cliche-ridden rock. What I love about Jamit’s creations is that whilst you know that they are going to be built along certain heavy and hypnotic grooves, from there on anything could happen.

Chicken is a perfect example of the way he thinks. It drives on energetic and intense waves, throws splintered electronica and disenfranchised spoken word fragments around and from there slowly builds towards even more claustrophobic and strange sonic heights. Dance music? Perhaps, but certainly not that of the mainstream club. This is the soundtrack to a basement club night that is so hard to find that it has reached cult status, a club peopled by the effortlessly cool and the naturally outsider. A club of near mythical status. You may think that you know all about dance music but you can only truly say that once you have experienced Jamit’s future musical predictions.

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