Heart ‘n’ Soul –  The Swagger (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

AWH5unJgImagine if Brit-pop had got beyond its “madferit!” self-worship, calmed down, got serious and grown the hell up. Imagine if The Kinks had formed this decade having been brought up on a steady diet of their dad’s record collection. Imagine if pop music had remembered where it had left its bite or indie music stopped checking its hair in the mirror for a brief moment. Okay, they are just fictitious scenarios but any one of them could be a creation myth…or even a Creation myth…for The Swagger.

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Of course it comes as no surprise that Alan McGee is already lining up to help the band out, a sixties musical vibe as pushed through 90’s indie rock filter with big guitars and no small amount of swagger, (okay, that was bound to happen wasn’t it) that sounds like him all over. For those too young to have encountered the Brit-pop explosion then this will more than serve in its place. Those who were there at the time can consider this a nostalgic reminder. Either way it’s a cracking song but one that very much looks to future potential rather than merely past glory. Which is as it should be.

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